The Rakes of Mallow's Voice of the Supporters

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sing a song

As the season draws closers I have been thinking of a couple ideas to bring an atmosphere to the stadium. Among them is a song that is a supporters song. By this I am referring to many famous songs sung from the terraces of Europe. Coach Clark brought it up today and I've been trying to figure out what is the best song. Here are a few.

Many know this one in perhaps its second most famous moment:

And another famous one:

Now the question remains, what should the Rakes of Mallow's song be?
There exist such a large bunch of songs

Rakes of Mallow is of course an option:

But the lyrics and speed of the song doesn't resemble something like the above two

The there's the Fields of Athenry:

This song is very deep, and slow, but it's already used by Glasgow Celtic.

Another Song I've kind of taken to heart is Long Journey Home

Replace one of the last set of colors with green, blue and gold, and it sounds quite good

If you have any suggestions of something that resembles the above, or if you like any of the suggestions, please comment below.

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