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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Battle of the Chokers

There is one difference as you can see between these two teams. One has a trophy the other does not. Now the question is what teams will be showing up on Sunday afternoon on your televisions. Will we see the Spain side that dominates possession and makes a back line look inept as passes slice through or will we see the Spain that dominates possession and makes the back line look like world beaters, cutting out predictable passes and making Spain overcommit for the ensuing counter. The same goes for the Dutch squad. As I posted the other day, the Dutch have only lost to one team in regulation dating back to 2007. People have slagged on the Dutch saying that the team is weak, not as talented and has nothing going for them. That same team has won every match at this World Cup. The Dutch know how to win, that's not the question. The question is can they win. They could show up play brilliantly and lose or show up, play ugly and win. They are a team that will be interesting to watch from the first minute because they can play in more than one way.

These two teams are historically bad when it comes to winning a final. They are always fun to watch, attacking, and very technical, but both teams have always come up short on the global stage. Luckily for one of them, they can toss off that mantra on Sunday, while the other one will sink further into infamy.

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