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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Lamar Hunt US Open Cup

Can anyone name me the only American sports tournament that, in its entire history gone without stopping? That means no strike, no war stoppage, no nothing, just a champion proclaimed every year.
The World Series? nope
US Open? nope
Stanley Cup? American sports tournament
Super Bowl? Surely you can't be serious

I am of course talking about the US Open Cup. Tonight at 10pm ET on Fox Soccer Channel the 96th edition of the Cup will put the Columbus Crew against the holders, the Seattle Sounders. While this tournament doesn't have much glitz, it is the one true piece of history American soccer possesses.

The USOC was stared in 1914 at the National Championship to American club soccer. The tournament covered all the soccer hotbeds of the country, from New York to Chicago to St. Louis. It never really had any participants come from south of Baltimore or beyond Kansas City until the past 50 years. Its winners include some of the greatest clubs in the world at the time including Bethlehem Steel FC and the Fall River Marksmen. Now you may tell me that there was no way these were the best clubs in the world, I say learn more about these clubs. Both toured Europe multiple times in their existence and only lost a combined three times, but I digress. This trophy embodies more of the Cup spirit than most domestic trophies. If you look at the winners engraved on the massive base, you see team names and places that don't exist anymore. It reminds you that nothing you see today will be permanent, but there will always be a memory somewhere that shows you it happened.

So if you aren't busy tonight, take the time to watch the US Open Cup; watch 30,000+ fans filter into Qwest Field and two teams take on each other. Watch a piece of history when you have a chance and enjoy it, you never know how many chances you get.