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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hurricane Season so far

This season has opened up in a stormy matter for the Irish men and women. The women kicked off the season by dominating Wisconsin. This all however was lost in a whirlwind of defeats in North Carolina. On Friday, the Irish dominated The Evil Baby Blue Empire in the terms of play. The Irish battled back from an early deficit and seemed en route to find another. Sadly, The Evil Empire got a golden goal to escape the Irish. Sunday was a different story. The Irish were removed from the game in a windstorm of goals by Duke. The women do have two weeks to prepare for redemption for this past weekend. They will be taking on likely #1 or #2 Stanford in Palo Alto. In between they will have Tulsa and Indiana at home for the ND Adidas Invitational.

The men, meanwhile, was a tempest on the Indiana defense. The men blasted the misconception that college soccer is "kick and chase" and "punt and pray." One of the historic teams in College Soccer was, to quote someone watching the game, turned into a team of scrubs. As the game progressed, Indiana abandoned their style for the kick and chase. Sadly, with all the beautiful play, the Irish could not find the back of the net. As the Vuvuzellas thundered their cacophony of monotonic sound throughout the stadium, the Irish made the Indiana half their home. Now certain articles report how Indiana matched the Irish in shots on goal. This stat deceives the reader of how one sided the match was. There were several Irish shots that went wide by inches, or hit the woodwork. The Irish have a chance to recover against historical power St. Louis and Dayton over the weekend. These matches will occur in Bloomington as a part of the Adidas/IU Credit Union Classic.

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