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Sunday, May 30, 2010

USA Send off in Philly

Yesterday I attended the final USA match before the squad flies off to South Africa. It was an awesome match against Euro 2008 Semifinalists Turkey, who sadly missed out on the World Cup this past year. It was the first time ever I have seen a very pro United States crowd in a NFL stadium. When the Yanks would storm down the field in search of a chance, you could see the people rise to their feet and a buzz ripple throughout the stadium. When Donovan rounded the keeper and fed the ball to Altidore, I saw pure jubilation in tens of thousands of people. For a USA match, just achieving a 50% support is something special, but this was beautiful and stunning.

The USA flew out of Washington today and will arrive in South Africa on monday. They are getting there much earlier than many squads it seems, hopefully it will pay off.

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